Kate Clay Bodeen

Kate Clay Bodeen

Kate Clay Bodeen is a native of Watauga County, North Carolina, born and raised in the Sugar Grove/Valle Crucis area. A graduate of Woman's College (now UNC-G), she spent her working life around Washington, DC—the last 30 years as financial aide to J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott and as administrator of their family foundation. Now retired, she lives in Sparta, NC.

Ms. Bodeen contributed an autobiographical chapter to Community and Change in the North Carolina Mountains, compiled by Nannie Greene and Catherine Stokes Sheppard in 2006, published by McFarland & Co. She also wrote several articles for The Westmoreland News in Montross, Va. Pat Crisp, Like A Moth to the Flame is her first book.

1. Hometown?
Valle Crucis, NC

2. Schools:
Woman's College (now UNC-G), Greensboro, NC; College for Financial Planning, Denver, CO

3. Occupation:
Financial Analysis and Foundation Administrator

4. What is your vision statement or philosophy of life?
To maintain a happy attitude, for my own and others' sakes, and to achieve as many of my goals as possible while there's still life left in the old girl.

5. Describe the idea behind your book:
To put flesh to the bones of family stories I had heard about my grandfather whom I never knew.

6. Who are your favoite authors?
Hemingway, for his succinctness. Gibran, for his poetic phrasing.

7. Name some of your influences:
My high school English teacher, Jennie Love, and writing workshop teacher, Tommy Hays - both of whom made the written word come alive.

8. What kind of music do you like?
Classical and banjo.

9. What televison/book/movie character do you identify with & why?
Probably Katherine Hepburn (usually gritty on the exterior but soft-hearted in the core) and Carol Burnett (the clown).

10. Describe your favorite teacher:
Jennie Love, my high school English teacher, was 50 years ahead of her time in teaching methods, giving her students a lot of rein in expressing their creative writing talents. She also charted her own path, often taking "the road less traveled."

11. How did you meet your best friend?
I have three "best friends," so this is a hard one. One was a college roommate, two I met in singing groups (barbershop harmony and classical chorus).